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Our Lectures & Excursions

These are the events that we have presented in the past. You can find our past lectures in our podcast section.

‘Making libraries free for all’: the case of Launceston 1929-1945

Presented by: Stefan Petrow

Stefan Petrow will speak about the development of the Launceston Public Library in the 1930s and 1940s.

Eldershaw Memorial Lecture: Naming Country again - place names, mapping and Aboriginal cultural renewal

Presented by: Grace Karskens

Grace Karskens will explore the importance and politics of place names in Australia and collaborative approaches for Aboriginal cultural renewal.

Historic houses of Tea Tree


All day excursion to the historic houses of Tea Tree

A Tasmanian Life

Presented by: Clare McShane

Clare McShane will speak about her life in Tasmania.

'Pariahs of the Orphan School': the effects of stigma

Presented by: Lucy Frost

Emeritus Professor Lucy Frost will speak about the consequences for children who passed through Hobart's Orphan Schools at New Town.


A full day excursion to John Glover's 1831 property, Patterdale

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: followed by lecture - ‘We're all in this together': Truth-telling and Tasmanian historiography

Presented by: Henry Reynolds

Henry Reynolds will talk about truth-telling and Tasmanian historiography

Eldershaw Memorial Lecture - Tasmanian Aboriginal Objects: the overlooked archive

Presented by: Gaye Sculthorpe

In the 2023 Eldershaw Lecture Palawa academic & museum curator Gaye Sculthorpe will explore how studying objects in museum collections can elicit new histories.

My pathway to the Pathway to Truth-Telling and Treaty Project

Presented by: Kate Warner

Professor Kate Warner will speak about her pathway to the Pathway to Truth-Telling and Treaty report.

Forensic Wellingtology

Presented by: Martin Stone

Martin Stone delves further into his investigations of the history of kunanyi/Mt Wellington

Uninnocent Landscapes: following George Augustus Robinson’s Big River mission

Presented by: Ian Terry

Ian Terry will speak about his project following and photographing the route and impact of George Augustus Robinson's Big River Mission.

Dr William Crowther as the fall guy

Presented by: Cassandra Pybus

Cassandra Pybus examines the legacy of Dr William Crowther and the practice of removing Aboriginal skeletal material in colonial Tasmania.

Beyond the Antipodes: threats and fear in the psyche of nineteenth century Tasmania

Presented by: Anne Green

Anne Green investigates the evolution of fear in nineteenth century Tasmania.

A Tasmanian Life

Presented by: Eric Ratcliff

Architectural historian, Eric Ratcliff, will talk about his extraordinary Tasmanian Life.

Life of Luxury in Van Diemen's Land - the story of wallpapers, wallpaper hangers and at least one murder

Presented by: Alan Townsend

Alan Townsend will speak about the role of luxury goods and wallpaper in colonial Tasmania.

Tour of the Bank Arcade


Tour of the Bank Arcade

From another island far, far away: Tambora and Tasmania

Presented by: Don Garden

Environmental historian Don Garden will speak about the eruption of Indonesian volcano Mt Tambora in 1815 and its climate impact on Tasmania.

Tour of North Bruny Island

An excursion to North Bruny Island

William Collins, entrepreneur

Presented by: John Short

John Short will speak about the career of William Collins, Hobart's first harbourmaster and early colonial businessman.

AGM, followed by Hobart's Jewish history, 1828 to the present

Presented by: Jeff Schneider

Annual General Meeting followed by the February monthly lecture. Jeff Schneider will speak about Hobart's Jewish history from 1828 to the present.

‘Blooded as Citizen Soldiers’: Tasmanians in the 15th Battalion at Gallipoli April-May 1915

Presented by: Stefan Petrow

Stefan Petrow will speak about the Gallipoli experiences of Tasmanian soldiers in the 15th Battalion

Western Tasmania – Prospectors and the Post Office

Presented by: Malcolm Groom

Malcolm Groom will speak about the role of the post office in western Tasmania


Excursion to Bridgewater, Ross and the historical property, Connorville, near Cressy. All are associated with the colonial Land Commissioner, Roderic O'Connor.

The papers of Colonel Andrew Geils – an insight into Hobart Town in the 1810s

Presented by: Malcolm Ward

Malcolm Ward will illuminate the insights into early Hobart Town provided by the papers of Andrew Geils.

Mapping Tasmania’s Chinese history

Presented by: Kate Bagnall

Kate Bagnall will speak about the history of Chinese people in Tasmania

An Ode to Mrs W. Fletcher’s Music Folios

Presented by: Carla Baker

Carla Baker will speak about the colonial music folios of Hannah Fletcher

Tongerlongeter, speculative history and the right to write

Presented by: Nick Clements

Nick Clements will speak about the research and writing of his recent biography of the colonial Palawa 'chief' Tongerlongeter.

Post World War Two Ukrainian Migration to Tasmania – building a bridge between the archive and community to discover migrant experience

Presented by: Marina Ladaniwskyj

Marina Ladaniwskyj will speak about post World War Two Ukrainian immigration to Tasmania

Preliminary results from an archaeological investigation of the Port Arthur convict workshops, 1830-77

Presented by: Richard Tuffin & Sylvana Szydzik

Richard Tuffin will speak about the archaeological investigations at the Port Arthur convict workshops

Eldershaw Lecture - Keeping Tasmanians Safe: Smallpox, quarantine and vaccination in nineteenth-century Tasmania

Presented by: Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett will speak about smallpox, quarantine and vaccination in nineteenth century Tasmania

When the country comes to town: the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania

Presented by: Dianne Snowden

Dianne will speak about the history of the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania


Presented by: CANCELLED

This talk has been cancelled due to COVID and the unavailability of our speaker. We expect to reschedule it to later in the year.

Floating Frontiersmen and Illicit Informal Economies in Britain’s Antipodean Colonies

Presented by: Kristyn Harman

Kristyn Harman will speak about her research into the links between nineteenth century New Zealand and Van Diemen's Land.

Wellington Park Excursion


Anne McConnell will guide us on an excursion of the Springs, kunanyi/Mount Wellington.

John Scott, sealer of Bass Strait and his ‘forgotten’ Tasmanian Aboriginal descendants

Presented by: Graeme Broxam

Graeme Broxam will take us to nineteenth century Bass Strait and the Tasmanian Aboriginal descendants of sealer John Scott.

Tasmania v the British Empire: the battle to end convict transportation

Presented by: Alison Alexander

Alison Alexander delves into the politics and personalities behind the anti-transportation movement in Van Diemen's Land.

Buckland and Orford



Tasmania’s mystery train hikes of 1932 and the commercialisation of bushwalking

Presented by: Kirstie Ross

Kirstie Ross will examine the convergence of railways, tourism and bushwalking during the Great Depression.

Female convicts in the New Norfolk Asylum

Presented by: Dianne Snowden

Dianne Snowden will speak about her research into female convicts incarcerated at the New Norfolk Asylum, the subject of her latest book.

Banks' Florilegium - Society Islands 1769


Curator Leisha Own will provide a talk on this beautiful exhibition of intricate botanical prints and rare journals.

Shaping Hobart: Townscape scale and proportion. Re-viewing the Meehan Plan of 1811

Presented by: Leigh Woolley

Leigh Woolley will present a talk about landform, townscape and James Meehan's 1811 plan for Hobart.

Paradise Lost: Thomas Griffiths Wainewright


THIS EXCURSION IS NOW FULL. Curatorial talk by Jane Stewart on the Paradise Lost: Thomas Griffiths Wainewright exhibition.

Anything but common: why Van Diemen’s Land never had commons

Presented by: Imogen Wegman

Imogen Wegman will speak about the lack of commons in Van Diemen’s Land.

Wellington Park Excursion


Following her presentation on Tuesday Anne McConnell will guide us on an excursion around the Springs, Mount Wellington.

The history of scenic tourism and recreation on kunanyi/Mount Wellington

Presented by: Anne McConnell

Anne McConnell will speak about the history of scenic tourism and recreation on kunanyi/Mount Wellington in Tasmania.

Chauncy Vale Excursion


Excursion to the Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary, home of the Tasmanian children's author, Nan Chauncy.

A Tasmanian Life

Presented by: Margaret Reynolds

Margaret Reynolds will present a talk about her Tasmanian Life.

Waddamana Power Station: vision and amnesia

Presented by: Chris Tassell

Chris Tassell will be presenting a talk about the Waddamana Power Station.

Truth telling at the University of Tasmania and in Tasmania generally

Presented by: Henry Reynolds

Henry Reynolds will be presenting this talk as part of our Annual General Meeting.