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Our Lectures & Excursions

These are the events that we have presented in the past. You can find our past lectures in our podcast section.

Tasmania’s mystery train hikes of 1932 and the commercialisation of bushwalking

Presented by: Kirstie Ross

Kirstie Ross will examine the convergence of railways, tourism and bushwalking during the Great Depression.

Female convicts in the New Norfolk Asylum

Presented by: Dianne Snowden

Dianne Snowden will speak about her research into female convicts incarcerated at the New Norfolk Asylum, the subject of her latest book.

Banks' Florilegium - Society Islands 1769


Curator Leisha Own will provide a talk on this beautiful exhibition of intricate botanical prints and rare journals.

Shaping Hobart: Townscape scale and proportion. Re-viewing the Meehan Plan of 1811

Presented by: Leigh Woolley

Leigh Woolley will present a talk about landform, townscape and James Meehan's 1811 plan for Hobart.

Paradise Lost: Thomas Griffiths Wainewright


THIS EXCURSION IS NOW FULL. Curatorial talk by Jane Stewart on the Paradise Lost: Thomas Griffiths Wainewright exhibition.

Anything but common: why Van Diemen’s Land never had commons

Presented by: Imogen Wegman

Imogen Wegman will speak about the lack of commons in Van Diemen’s Land.

Wellington Park Excursion


Following her presentation on Tuesday Anne McConnell will guide us on an excursion around the Springs, Mount Wellington.

The history of scenic tourism and recreation on kunanyi/Mount Wellington

Presented by: Anne McConnell

Anne McConnell will speak about the history of scenic tourism and recreation on kunanyi/Mount Wellington in Tasmania.

Chauncy Vale Excursion


Excursion to the Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary, home of the Tasmanian children's author, Nan Chauncy.

A Tasmanian Life

Presented by: Margaret Reynolds

Margaret Reynolds will present a talk about her Tasmanian Life.

Waddamana Power Station: vision and amnesia

Presented by: Chris Tassell

Chris Tassell will be presenting a talk about the Waddamana Power Station.

Truth telling at the University of Tasmania and in Tasmania generally

Presented by: Henry Reynolds

Henry Reynolds will be presenting this talk as part of our Annual General Meeting.