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Our Lectures & Excursions

Throughout the year, THRA conducts excursions to places of historical interest. We also hold eleven talks each year, open to members and the general public.

Download the meeting calendar (PDF)

AGM, followed by Hobart's Jewish history, 1828 to the present

Presented by: Jeff Schneider

Annual General Meeting followed by the February monthly lecture. Jeff Schneider will speak about Hobart's Jewish history from 1828 to the present.

William Collins, entrepreneur

Presented by: John Short

John Short will speak about the career of William Collins, Hobart's first harbourmaster and early colonial businessman.

Tour of North Bruny Island

An excursion to North Bruny Island

Tambora and Tasmania: the challenges of climate history

Presented by: Don Garden

Environmental historian Don Garden will speak about the eruption of Indonesian volcano Mt Tambora in 1815 and its climate impact on Tasmania.

Wallpaper and Murder: luxury goods in nineteenth-century Tasmania and the demise of a paperhanger

Presented by: Alan Townsend

Alan Townsend will speak about the role of wallpaper in colonial Tasmanian history

A Tasmanian Life

Presented by: Eric Ratcliffe

Architectural historian, Eric Ratcliffe, will talk about his extraordinary Tasmanian Life.

Pest threats to Tasmania

Presented by: Anne Green

Anne Green will speak about the role and impact of pests in Tasmanian history.

‘How they contrive to live, is a mystery’: the problems of early settlement

Presented by: Alison Alexander

Alison Alexander continues her investigations into life in early colonial Van Diemen's Land

My pathway to the pathway to the Truth-Telling and Treaty project

Presented by: Kate Warner

Professor Kate Warner will speak about her pathway to the Pathway to Truth-Telling and Treaty report.

After Robinson: landscape, colonisation and memory

Presented by: Ian Terry

Ian Terry will speak about his project following and photographing the route and impact of George Augustus Robinson's Big River Mission.

Forensic Wellingtology

Presented by: Martin Stone

Martin Stone delves further into his investigations of the history of kunanyi/Mt Wellington

Eldershaw Memorial Lecture

Presented by: Gaye Sculthorpe

Tasmanian Aboriginal academic and museum curator, Gaye Sculthorpe, presents the 2023 Eldershaw Memorial Lecture.