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From time to time THRA publishes books of Tasmanian historical interest. These are often important works that would not find a ready commercial market. This list indicates the books which are currently in print. Books are available for sale from this website. Just click on the book you would like to purchase and then click Add to Cart.

Rambles in Western Tasmania by Simon Kleinig
Rambles in Western Tasmania
Simon Kleinig (Editor)
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Varieties of Vice Regal Life by Richard Davis and Stefan Petrow
Varieties of Vice Regal Life
Richard Davis and Stefan Petrow
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Railways, Mines, Pubs & People by Lindsay Whitham
Railways, Mines, Pubs & People
Lindsay Whitham
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The State of Tasmania by Michael Roe
The State of Tasmania
Michael Roe
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Students First by Alison Alexander
Students First
Alison Alexander
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Life Over Death: Tasmanians and Tuberculosis by Michael Roe
Life Over Death
Michael Roe
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The Great Scourge by Anne Killalea
The Great Scourge
Anne Killalea
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Sanatorium of the South by Stefan Petrow
Sanatorium of the South?
Stefan Petrow
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The Whitehead Letters by F A Vernon and M Sprod
The Whitehead Letters
F A Vernon (compiler) and M Sprod (editor)
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Knopwoods's Diary by Mary Nichols
Knopwoods's Diary
Mary Nichols
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An Immigrant of 1824 by N.J.B. Plomley
An Immigrant of 1824
N.J.B. Plomley
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Guide to the Public Records Office: Peter Ross Eldershaw by Robert Sharman
Guide to the Public Records Office
Robert Sharman
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