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May - Richard Tuffin & Sylvana Szydzik, Port Arthur Workshop archaeology

Published: Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Labour was at the heart of convict Australia. It defined the lives of all sentenced men and women, much more so than the episodes of brutality and inhumanity which capture our imagination today. In this talk Our presenters will discuss archaeological investigations recently carried out at the Port Arthur penal station's workshops (1830-77), where prisoners had once been employed in an array of skilled trades: shoemaking, tailoring, carpentry, wheelwrighting, sawmilling, blacksmithing and foundry work. The excavation has proved to be both methodologically and logistically challenging, so join us to learn more about the processes and pitfalls of the excavation - as well as a discussion of preliminary results.

Richard Tuffin is a historical archaeologist currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of New England. He has worked as a research and commercial archaeologist in Australia, the Pacific and the UK.

Sylvana Szydzik is an archaeologist with thirteen years’ experience in contemporary heritage conservation and management practices in Australia. She currently works as a Conservation Project Officer at the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority, where she is involved in archaeological projects ranging from excavation and survey to collections research.

It is recommended that you view the speakers' slide presentation while listening to the talk. Please click here to view the presentation.