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Papers & Proceedings December 2023

Pen and ink portrait of cellist
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Papers & Proceedings
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December 2023
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The final issue of Papers & Proceedings for 2023 issue focuses on music in Tasmania to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. It features a stunning portrait of TSO principal cellist, Jonathan Békés, by artist and THRA member Jane Giblin on the cover. Inside Ian Terry investigates the legacy of Aboriginal matriarch and singer, Fanny Smith; Ros Escott Goes in search of Tasmania's home-grown prima donna, Madame Carandini; Elisabeth Wilson delves into the art of luthier George Francis Thorne; Joyce Purtscher remembers Hobart's musical scene in the 1940s and 1950s; Ross Gibson outlines the extraordinary history of the TSO; Michael Fortescue reminisces on his 37 years as the TSO's double bass player; Jane Edwards reflects on her musical journey; and Alison Alexander and others celebrate the life of 90 year old Tasmanian composer Don Kay. Along with four book reviews, this edition will provide a mountain of riveting and uplifting holiday reading in an uncertain world.