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Papers & Proceedings April 2022

Sepia image of person in boat on lake with mountain in background.
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Papers & Proceedings
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April 2022
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In this issue Christine Burgess wonders whether colonial photographer, Paul Ricochet, really existed; Brian Rieusset considers the poetry of the American rebel and political convict, Linus Miller; Russ Gloster provides a biography of Hobart's Hunter Street; Nic Haygarth reveals the career of Tasmanian naturalist and native animal dealer, James Harrison; Leonie Mickleborough unearths the story behind the Returned Sisters' Rest Home at Lindisfarne and Terry Newman investigates the surprising story of Tasmania's convict constables. There are also book reviews by Malcolm Ward, Alison Alexander, Leonie Mickleborough and Elisabeth Wilson and the annual President's and Treasuer's reports.