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Anne Green - Beyond the Antipodes, threats & fear in the psyche of 19th century Tasmania

Published: Tuesday, 11 July 2023

Tasmania has long had a culture and a perception of its own vulnerability.  So, from where did this vulnerability stem?  How has this vulnerability changed over time? From the early 1800s, threats from rival colonial powers were clearly felt.  The response was manifest in the decisions of government, the writings of the press and even the actions of the island’s people during the nineteenth century.  This paper examines the evolution of Tasmania’s fear until Federation.

Anne Green has recently returned to the joys of historical research in undertaking her PhD through the University of Tasmania.  This focused on the vulnerability of Tasmania, with a particular emphasis on World War II and Tasmania’s Civil Defence Legion.  In the past she has completed heritage projects for bodies such as the National Trust, St Giles and the Launceston City Council, particularly the Stories in Stone heritage series of books. She has presented a number of papers to various interest groups and conferences on a vast range of topics from Matthew Flinders to Italian Prisoners of War in the Tamar Valley.

To view Anne's slide presentation while listening to her talk, click here.