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Eldershaw lecture

Each year THRA invites a prominent Australian (usually a writer and typically an historian) to present a special lecture in honour of Peter Ross Eldershaw.

One of the founding members of THRA, Peter edited Papers and Proceedings from 1951 until his death in 1967. An outstanding archivist, he played a leading role in framing the Tasmanian Archives Act 1965: a milestone in Australian archival legislation. Robert Sharman published a memoir of Peter Eldershaw here.

The list of Eldershaw lecturers is an honour roll of Australian history, beginning with the inaugural speaker Geoffrey Blainey and continuing with speakers such as Henry Reynolds and Tom Griffiths. The lecture has been a platform for local historians, too. N.J.B. Plomley, Ken Dallas, Dan Sprod, Michael Roe, Alison Alexander, and Stefan Petrow among them.

Every Eldershaw Lecture (together with the year, topic and edition details) published in THRA's Papers & Proceedings is available here. Eldershaw lectures can be purchased through INFORMIT, and are available on this website with the rest of THRA’s journal articles.