Meetings and Reports

2017  Calender 

14 February

Peter  Hughes  Towards a history of furniture-making in colonial Tasmania

& Annual General Meeting

14 March

Tony Marshall Edward Abbott: Pressman, Litigat and Politician

11 April

Greg Lehman (Dis)regarding the Savages: Terra Nullius in Tasmanian Colonial Art

9 May

Robert Dooley From 'Abundance of Emues' to a rare bird in the land: The Extinction of the Tasmanian Emu 

13 June
Elisabeth Wilson 'A howling and declamatory Style': Revivalist Preacher Walter Walter Douglas in Tasmania 1869–72

11 July

Bruce Ronsen 'Murder most Foul': The death of an Overseer at Point Peur

8 August

Eldershaw Lecture

Lucy Frost Indentured Children: Apprentices fromt the Queen's Asylum

Venue  Dechaineux  Theatre, Hunter Street

12 September

A Maritime Evening
Rex Kerrison & Erika Shankley  The History of the World Ship Trust Sailing Vessel "May Queen"
Non compos mentis:
A bit of history of the Tasman Island Lighthouse

10 October
Dianne Snowden After the Orphans School

14 November
Malcolm Groom Tasmanian Pictorial Stamps: 1899–1912

12 December
A Tasmanian Life
Nick Mooney

Unless there is other notification, all meetings start at 8.00 pm on the second Tuesday of the month in the
Royal Society Room
Custom House building
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Macquarie Street, Hobart
(enter from Dunn Place)

The venue for the 2017 Eldershaw Lecture is the Dechaineux Theatre, University Art School, Hunter Street, Hobart.

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